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ObjectCreator Lite Features

UML Core

ObjectCreator Lite implement the model management, extension mechanism, and most of the core package of UML 1.5 meta-model.

ObjectCreator serve as repository for all your UML elements. Copy or move easily any elements inside your namespace hierarchy.

Verify your project design using standard UML 1.5 rules. Add you own rules using python scritp.

Import and export your models using the standard XMI format.

Model access permission between element using generalization, «access», «friend» and «import» permission.

Model with the following UML element:
Abstraction, Association, Attribute, Binding, Class, Constraint, DataType, Dependency, Enumeration, Generalization, Interface, Model, Operation, Package, Permission, Primitive, Stereotype, Subsystem, TagDefinition, TaggedValue, TemplateArgument, TemplateParameter, Usage.

UML Model Managment

Use package to group, order element and model namespace hierarchy.

Trace elements between different models.

Model Subsystem with attributes and operations.

Use alias name and different visibility for imported element.

UML Extension Mechanism

Use the UML extension mechanism to extend the UML meta-model for your need.

Use constraints to ensure your project is well formed and respect all your company/personal rules and design. Add powerfull python script to your constraints and let ObjectCreator generate warning when your project not respect your constraints.

Add properties to any UML elements using the TagDefinition.

Extend semantic of any UML elements using Stereopype. Use custom images for stereotyped element. Add specific properties for stereotyped element. Add scriptable constraints tested for each element that apply the stereotype.

Store stereotypes, constraints, tagDefinitions, and primitive dataType into a reusable profile.

ObjectCreator Extension

ObjectCreator is fully scriptable with python, a powerful object oriented scripting language.

ObjectCreator is a Cocoa/Objective-C application with an embedded python interpreter and the PyObjC Python/Objective-C Bridge. You can use any python modules, the complete Cocoa framework and the UML semantics implemented by ObjectCreator within your python script.

Each property of each UML element is accessible.

ObjectCreator include a python terminal to run complex queries on your project, quickly build and test your script.

A Tools menu let's you run your python script directly from an ObjectCreator menu.


Class Diagram

Draw standard UML 1.5 Class Diagram.

Build your model by drawing class diagrams.

Many options to adjust your drawing to your need, all these options respect the UML standard.

Create diagram element based on dependency, association, generalization of selected elements.

Code Generation & Revert Engineer

Generate multiple language source code within the same project.

Dynamic code generation. Visualize directly on your code any change you made on your UML model.

Easily modify / create new language. Code generation are made using python script,

Group stereotypes, tags definition, constraints and rules specific to the language into a reusable language profile.

User can type source code directly within ObjectCreator, user code can be inserted between code generate by ObjectCreator.

Revert engineer and round-trip are available for Objective-C.

ObjectCreator Lite come with some example of language profile. You can use and modify them for generate code with your own design, style, and algorithm.

Current example profile ready to modify.

Code generation
Reverse Engineer
Software Development Processes
UML Business Modeling


Objective-C Profile

Objective-C profile is an example to show you ObjectCreator code generation possibility.

Generate and keep synchronized source code for attributes and associations access operations.

Generate and keep synchronized source code for initialize and dealloc attributes and associations.

Generate and keep synchronized source code for encode and decode attributes (NSCoding).

Generate Apple's HeaderDoc comments, or doxygen comments.

Extend UML to support Objective-C category.

Add rules specific to Objective-C.


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