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100% functional until your project repository contains 12 elements. (operations and attributes didn't count)

Minimum requirement
- Mac OS X 10.3
- Python 2.3 (installed with OS X 10.3 - BSD package)

Non mandatory requirement
- FileMerge (installed with Apple's free developer tools)


29.12.2005 : ObjectCreator Lite 1.0.6 (7.6 Mo)

SHA1 = f237cb1d5834ba330d1f70248ced915e281ddd3e

What's New
- Automatique roundtrip for Objective-C.
- Objective-C Cocoa profile with code generation for init, dealloc, NSCoding, NSCopying, multiple inheritance, attributes and associations access operations.
- Add a tutorial for use roundtrip feature, and one for code generation.
- Add non centered segment.
- Centered segment's handle are draw as circle, and non center segment handle as box.
- Diagram : Add name and stereotype text for association, and stereotype for association ends.
- Diagram : Add name for generalization and dependency.
- Add small stereotype icon for interface.
- Diagram window's zoom button zoom to the diagram's page size.
- Color, and font correctly applied on all drawing element.
- Change to pyobjc 1.3.7.


22.06.2005 : ObjectCreator Lite 1.0.5 (please download the latest version)

SHA1 = b63652f0e6a08f2924ae61001f7b7b42a0267a78

What's New
- Improve code editing text view. Better automatic ident, matching brace, move to sub-word (ctrl + left or ctrl + right). Add preferences for code editing.
- Python terminal use code editing text view.
- pyObjC version 1.3.6 (version for OS X 10.3 and 10.4)
- Code browser : Add association end to attribute list.
- Registration not recorded on some system corrected.
- Reverse engineer for Objective-C work on all system now.


23.05.2005 : ObjectCreator Lite 1.0.4 (please download the latest version)

SHA1 = c010d6514734355c0037879edaf3f3772cbd3208

What's New
- Change ObjectCreator's home page address to http://mypage.bluewin.ch/objectcreator
- Correct a bug with example ObjC profile and 'type_suffix' tagDefinition.


18.05.2005 : ObjectCreator Lite 1.0.3 (please download the latest version)

SHA1 = 12a4f48a7cd69ef8f7e59acd01536dc3f60ec81d

What's New
- Add a draw properties panel for diagram. Most of command from Diagram menu are removed from menu
   and placed into the panel.
   Add a menu to show/hide the panel. Diagram->Show Properties Panel
- Add possibility to change text, foreground and background color.
- Add possibility to change text font.
- Add an align panel. With a menu to show/hide the panel. Diagram->Show Align Panel.
- Include PyObjc version 1.2. (version 1.1 crash with tiger)
- Simple profile format is same as language profile format.
- Image for custom stereotype are now include into profile folder.
- Profile with new name are searched using his id before ask user to select one.
- Now you can delete element used as type by an other element. The element type is set to empty.
- Correct a bug in source code import for objective-C that appear in version 1.0.2. Composed type are now
   imported correctly.
- Objective-C source code import, import struct now.
- Objective-C source code generation, generate struct now.
- Objective-C source code import/generation, bit size definition (int x:1) is imported/generated correctly.
   Tag 'name_suffix' are used.
- Diagram element are resized to they best size when changing the attributes/operations visibility.
- Stereotype popup menu is sorted.
- Profile name is displayed in stereotype and tagDefinition popup menu.
- Diagram elements are resized to they best after changing their representation (text size,
   show visibility, etc...)
- Diagram size adjusted when an element is deleted
- Dropped element on a diagram are displayed with his stereotype image if any.
- Add «module» stereotype into python profile.
- Change Import Profile dialog. Add a copy button to copy new profile (This will generate new id for each
   element into the new profile).
- Add a table with profiles imported into the project.
- Add a 'script' key into codeGeneration template. If a key 'script' exist, the data is used as script, otherwise
   key 'scriptPath' is used.
- Change to Drag & Drop installation.


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Please send your comments, suggestions and bug report to ObjectCreator@bluewin.ch


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