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ObjectCreator is a scriptable UML tool specialized for Mac OS X,
get the speed of a compiled Objective-C application to improve your development time and quality. Generate free source code for any language.


Speed your development time

Keep your class diagrams, reports, and source code synchronized with your model.

Generate and keep synchronized source code for project with multiple languages.

Type directly your operations code between generates code part.

Create your own scripts to generate code for any language, report, unit test code, apple event definition, xml files, etc...

Script your common task.

Draw UML Class Diagram

Use UML class diagrams to model your object design.

Class diagrams always synchronized with your model.

Generate diagram elements, using existing element relationship.

Use many options to change diagram symbol representation, still in respect with UML's notation.

Add quality to your project

Use UML semantic to describe your software, database, xml file, business relationship, etc.

Use UML rules to verify your design.

Create your own rules to validate your design during all your development cycle.

Generate up to 90% of your code.

Watch source code dynamically change during your modelling time.

Support any language generation Examples ready to modify:

  • Objective-C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • MySQL

Reverse Engineer &
Round-Trip (Objective-C)

Reverse your existing source code to UML semantics, keep operations code, create associations.

Keep your model synchronized when you modify your source code with an external application like XCode or CodeWarrior.

Extend ObjectCreator for your need

Extend UML for your need. (Business Modeling, RUP, etc.)

Create your own language profiles.

Access your model trough python script.

Embedded python interpreter.

Use python script to add your own functionality.

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100% functional for project up to 12 elements. (operations and attributes didn't count)

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• Update - version 1.0.6

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